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Unlocking the Power of Sound: The Ultimate Guide to Using Volume Booster Extension for Chrome

Watching your favorite anime, TV show or movie is never complete without good audio. Of course, if the sound is distorted or low, you might find it difficult to keep up with the events especially if the speakers are far away from where you sit. Now, thanks to Volume Booster Chrome Extensions, you can increase the volume beyond 100% and still have good-quality audio. 

Why Use a Volume Booster Chrome Extension

Imagine you are watching the e-sports tournament you have been waiting for quite some time, only to find that the sound quality is poor and you can’t hear most of the show. To avoid such a problem, amplifiers can be used to boost the sound volume and help you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

This Volume Booster Chrome Extension allows you to increase the sound volume up to 600%. Not only this, you can also adjust the sound volume of each tab independently. This is very practical if you have volume differences between websites.


  • Volume increase up to 600%
  • Control the volume of any tab
  • Fine grain control: 0% – 600%
  • Switch to any tab to play audio with just one click

Pros and Cons of Volume Booster Chrome Extension

Like every other extension, Volume Booster Chrome Extension has its pros and cons, although, its pros outweigh its cons. Let us help you judge by yourself.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Volume increase does not lower audio quality.
  • Accessible by one click only.
  • It does not make your Chrome Extension slower and laggy.


  • No customizable keyboard shortcut.
  • You need to restart your browser after installing it.
  • Minimal options.

Install and Download Volume Booster Chrome Extension

To use this extension:

Step 1:

Download then install the Volume Master Chrome extension from this link and click on Download For Free

Step 2:

You will be taken directly to the Google Chrome extension page. Once you are there click on Add to Chrome

Step 3:

Once the download is done, go to extensions on the settings of your Google Chrome navigator, or click on the extensions icon next to the search bar if it is displayed.

You will be able to see the Volume Booster chrome Extension, click on the pin it symbol.

If you can’t find the extension’s name, click on Manage Extensions and you will find all the extensions you have. Pin the Volume Booster chrome Extension you have just installed and you are all set.How to install, manage, & delete extensions in Chrome on Mac, PC

When you use Volume Master to boost chrome volume, you will see a small rectangle in the tab name indicating that the extension is in use. 

Click on the extension icon, a pop will open up as shown in the picture below. You can control the volume level of chrome by simply dragging the sound bar to the left or right.

As you can see, it simple, intuitive design, and convenient operation which allows you to turn off and on the volume booster whenever you feel like it.

Bottom Line.

Low volume will no longer frustrate you and ruin your audio experience. Volume Booster Chrome Extension is certainly a gamer changer, as it provides the ultimate solution for low volume thanks to its ability to increase it up to 600%. Combined with good speaker positioning, you will get an immersive audio experience. The easy-to-install and use extension is guaranteed to satisfy you. To get started, simply follow the steps described above. Unlock the power of sound with this indispensable extension.

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