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Troubleshooting Tips Solving Common Audio Issues with Volume Booster Chrome Extension

As you already know, audio uploaded to websites is most of the time compressed, and that causes both quality and volume to be lowered. Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix are all using this method in other to keep bandwidth to keep the speed of streaming fast. 

However, many times, low-quality audio is also attributed to malfunctions or just incorrect setup. Here, you will find 7 tips that will help you solve the most common audio issues you can face when you install Volume Booster Chrome Extension. 

1 – Check Google Chrome Installation. 

Before you start downloading drivers and whatnot, let’s check first if your Chrome navigator is correctly installed. If it is, go to settings and click on “reset settings”, but before you do that make sure all your bookmarks are saved in your account, you do not want to lose anything important in this process. 

Once done, make sure to restart the navigator before playing any audio. If this method does not work, try to re-install Google Chrome. This usually fixes the issue.

2 – Distorted or Altered Audio Quality.

If you have tried the first step and you still not getting the results you want, maybe it is time to shift your gaze to add-ons. We recommend installing this Volume Booster chrome Extension as it is one of the most used extensions and the most practical. 

This extension does not only boost volume, but it makes quality better. You will no longer face distortions and altered audio. With a single click, everything will start running smoothly.

3 – Update your Browser.
Browser updates can sometimes cause incompatibilities with extensions. If the above method does not work, take a look at the latest version you are using. Sometimes you need to update your chrome navigator for everything to run smoothly. The extension, however, if there is no update of course, can help overcome this issue with ease. It runs perfectly with all Google Chrome versions.

4 – Latency and Heavy Load Issues.

If the Volume Booster Chrome Extension does not work even after you try all these methods, you might want to check if the browser itself is loaded or operates heavily due to the memory space it takes. Google Chrome is known to have a high RAM consumption, which is why you need to check what unnecessary tabs are open and close them. Once done, restart the browser and everything should run perfectly.

5 – Compatibility Problems.

Most of the time when newly installed extensions do not work, it may be because they are not compatible with previously installed ones. Check if unnecessary extensions can be deleted, restart the navigator, and test the Volume Booster Chrome Extension you just installed. If all the extensions you have are necessary, then you can try disabling them while you use the volume booster extension. 

6 – Site’s Sound Setting

Some websites have their specific sound settings, which may cause operational problems for the extensions. Check the site’s audio settings to make sure they don’t conflict with the extension. Also, make sure the extension is enabled for the specific tab on the site in question and

7 – Check Extension Permissions.

When installed, new extensions can be blocked. To bypass this blockage, you can simply check the permissions from the settings of Google Chrome. Look for the volume booster Chrome extension and make sure that the permission is enabled by allowing it to work properly with the navigator.

Bottom Line

Following these troubleshooting tips will certainly fix any operational issues you might face with the Volume Booster Chrome Extension. This also fixes any audio issues that you can encounter with Google Chrome. Remember, this extension is like any other tool, malfunctions do not mean that it is not working, you simply have to tweak some settings and click some buttons if any issues arise. 

Volume Booster Chrome Extension usually runs smoothly, it does not interfere with any other extensions, as you might notice, it is very simple to use and does not put heavy work on your navigator and computer. If you encounter any other problems, please feel free to reach out to us, we are available to help 24/7.

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