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The Perfect Pair: Volume Booster Chrome Extension and Your Favorite Music Streaming Service

Are you a metal music fan? Do you happen to like old-school rap like us? Do you often face the issue of low volume in the songs you listen to on Spotify, SoundCloud, or even YouTube? Do not fret; we have just the right solution for you. 

This volume booster chrome extension is currently one of the best tools to boost your music volume while keeping the quality of audio the same. Since Google Chrome is the most used navigator on the internet, we have decided to help music fans use it better. 

You no longer have to look for high-quality videos just so you can listen to the bass thumps or guitar solos. With a few simple clicks, Volume Booster Chrome Extension does the job perfectly.

What is the Volume Booster Chrome Extension?

This extension, as its name suggests, is a browser extension that helps its users increase the volume levels and exceed the maximum level set by the default browser. 

Unlike the other extensions or programs providing the same service, this volume booster extension does not affect the quality of audio. All you have to do is drag the volume button to the right and blast the music to the maximum.

Once installed, the extension blends perfectly with Chrome, it does not consume RAM nor does it make the navigator slower. These are just a few aspects of many that were carefully integrated into the extension when it was made by the most skilled developers. 

Benefits of Volume Booster Chrome Extension

Of the many benefits this extension offers is its ability to boost the volume up to 600%. Other extensions can only boost the volume up to 300% and yet they would still affect the quality of the audio. This extension, however, does not affect the quality at all. You can download the extension by clicking on this link.

This volume booster extension also offers:

  • Simple activation and installation: simply download the extension, activate it, pin it to the toolbar, and use it however you want. 
  • Personalized Experience: Customizable features help you have your own personalized experience.
  • Easy Activation: Toggle the extension from the on/off button and drag the button to the max to benefit the most.

How to Use Volume Booster Extension Properly. 

Using the extension might increase the volume significantly, but you can also try to check some other settings that can make the music even louder. By trying the following tips, you will make sure that everything is set for you to use the extension to the max.

1 – Max out Computer Volume

The first thing you need to do before you use this volume booster extension is to max out all the volume levels from your computer. Open the volume mixer by right-clicking on the speaker icon and open the volume mixer. Always make sure that the voice from Google Chrome and your computer are maxed out. This can also work if you can sound controls on your keyboard. 

2 – Check Streaming Service Audio Settings

After the first step is done, check the settings of the streaming service you are using. It does not matter if it is Spotify or YouTube, go to audio settings and make sure you enable every sound modifier you have, make sure not to activate something that might interfere with sound quality otherwise, you might cause the sound to be distorted. 

3 – Speaker Setup

Speaker position plays a vital role in the quality of sound and level of volume. Make sure the speakers are pointed correctly to the middle of the room or where you usually sit. Make sure that there are no walls or other objectives that could alter the sound waves thus resulting in distorted sound. 

4 – Use Equalizers

For an even better experience, you can always download a sound equalizer. They are powerful tools that control distortions and make sounds flow smoothly resulting in a better audio quality. 

Through an equalizer, you can adjust levels of frequencies that match your music. You can find equalizer features on streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud. 

Bottom Line. 

All these methods can help you benefit from the volume booster chrome extension to the maximum. Remember, you have to check all the audio improvement options available on your computer or streaming services if you want to have a better experience. The extension is available for download for free via the following link

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