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The Best Volume Booster Chrome Extensions In 2024

2024 will be the year of extraordinary content published online. From music to movies and from live streams to TV shows, get ready to get the most out of your entertainment experience with the best Volume Booster Chrome extensions. 

Developers are working hard to bring the best extensions that you can use for free. We have tried several of them and these are the top 6 we liked. 

Volume Booster.

This extension by far overcomes the others thanks to its simplistic design, ease of use, and most importantly, its effectiveness. Unlike the other extensions, not only does it increase the volume, it keeps the quality of the audio at the highest levels possible. Once installed, you can turn it on/off with simple clicks. You can increase the volume up to 600%. Download it here for free and it is compatible with all streaming services. 

Sound Booster

Volume booster that will allow you to increase the sound of your system. It can increase the volume level and still provide volume enhancement features for popular video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others. This implies that viewers can enjoy their preferred videos louder and perhaps enhance the audio quality of the content as a whole.

It mostly works on all streaming services, we tried it on Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer, but for some reason, we couldn’t get it to work for Netflix and Twitch. We only added it to the list as an extension that can be used with the most common music and podcast platforms. With this feature, users can fully enjoy their music and even discover new sounds they may not have noticed before.

Infinite Volume Booster.

Infinite Volume Booster is also a good extension that provides good service. It gives you control over each tab on Google Chrome and also gives you the ability to reduce or mute sound. The extension is easy to install and use. Simply click the extension and control the sound however you want. 

Speaker Booster – Sound Control.

Speaker Booster is very simple. A single button will get the job done. By dragging the button left or right, you can control your sound. 

It also allows you to take control of the different tabs on Chrome. It does not matter if it is YouTube, Deezer, or Spotify, this extension can help you blast your speakers to the max. There is one downside to this one, it’s the neighbors because they will certainly complain. 


As its name suggests, this extension will make your music Louder. You can use it to control your volume to the max however, few problems are worth mentioning.

  • The extension is not compatible with every streaming service
  • It does not work on some web pages due to how they were designed.
  • Clicking on the extension button may sometimes mute the tab.

Sound Booster Plus

Muffled sounds will no longer be the issue with this volume booster. It provides a good sound experience, enhancing the audio quality of videos, music, and more. Sound Booster Plus is an excellent choice for users seeking a comprehensive audio enhancement solution.

Bottom Line

These six greatest Chrome volume booster extensions are your key to a better audio experience in 2024 as you traverse the huge universe of online entertainment. The first one has all the options the other has and it gets the job done. Whether you want sophisticated settings, the newest technology, or basic volume augmentation. Seize the opportunity to utilize these extensions’ enhanced clarity and richness to take your online audio experience to new heights.

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