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A Comprehensive Guide to Making Your Speakers Louder

We all want to get the most out of our speakers, aren’t we?

One of the most frequent methods to do so is to increase the volume. The most obvious approach to boost a speaker’s volume is to turn it up.

However, what if you have already pushed it up to the maximum and still feel the need to boost it further?

The majority of smartphones released in recent years do not need users to increase the volume of their speakers. Most smartphones have a single, powerful speaker at the bottom. High-end smartphones even include a set of excellent stereo speakers.

The fact is that you cannot raise a speaker’s actual power output, but you can make it sound louder in your ears. This would need a careful mix of technology and speaker positioning.

This blog post dives into strategies for increasing your speaker’s sound output without sacrificing audio quality!

So, let’s find out!

Adjusting Equalizer Settings

Nowadays, we frequently listen to music via cloud music services like Spotify. Each of these programs has a built-in setting for selecting the output audio quality. You need to set it to the highest possible level.

Equalizers (EQ) are a simple and accessible approach to make your speaker sound louder. It lets you modify the balance of the various frequency ranges that a speaker produces. It enables you to tailor the sound quality and volume of a speaker to your requirements. Increasing the bass will result in a sound with greater depth and strength. Do not overdo it. You need to strike a balance.

Most new speakers (mobile or external) come with applications that are primarily intended to serve as an EQ. These internal or third-party applications adjust EQ on those speakers. Android and iOS users can also download third-party applications that provide more extensive equalization settings.

Adjust the position and orientation of your smartphone

Where and how you place your speaker matters a lot for optimal listening and sound experience!

Where and how you position a speaker in a room or location affects sound transmission and ultimately. Sound waves propagate in all directions and are either absorbed or reflected as they strike surfaces. Phone speakers may become blocked by your fingers or the surface it is placed on. It reduces the intensity or loudness of the sound.

In general, corners of a room can behave as amplifiers when sound waves reflect off the two adjacent walls. This is an excellent method for increasing the loudness and depth of the audio.

In another technique, you need to lift your speakers off the ground to roughly ear level. In this technique, sound is sent straight to the listener without interruption. It results in a cleaner and louder perceived output.

If nothing is blocking the speaker you should try to rotate it 360 degrees to find the optimal position for the speaker to sound best.

The following are the factors that contribute to the loudness of the sound produced:

  • Space
  • Presence of damping materials
  • External disturbances
  • Music genre

Keeping in mind these factors will also help you increase the loudness of the phone or Bluetooth speakers.

Another effective method is cupping your hand around the speaker. It will cause the sound waves emitted by the speaker to bounce off your palm, making the music louder.

Instead of cupping, you can place your smartphone inside a bowl with the speaker pointing downwards. It will cause the sound to bounce off the bowl and make it feel much louder.

DIY Solutions

The contemporary technical options accessible to you should be adequate for increasing the volume of your speaker. Some DIY methods can also help you move the needle a little farther.

For this method, you need to be a little creative!

You only need to be a bit inventive to pull off this trick. You will need the following material for this trick:

  • A toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Two paper cups
  • Some scissors

So, first, cut a slit in the toilet paper roll to suit your iPhone. After that, cut a hole in the edges of each cup to allow them to slot into the ends of the toilet paper roll.

Fit everything into position. All the components should fit in perfectly. You may now relax and enjoy the enhanced sound with this DIY soundbox.

Multiple Speakers

You can attach an external speaker to your phone to boost its volume. If you want to enjoy clear and louder sound then you have to spend a few more bucks. You can buy small portable speakers that you can carry wherever you go. These speakers do not have much weight so you can easily carry them in your pocket.

Furthermore, they come with in-built batteries. So, you do not have to worry about input issues.

If you have a speaker and want to increase its sound, you can buy external speakers to attach to them.

Most stereo systems had two speakers. These systems are designed to provide loud and clear music with more than just two portable Bluetooth speakers. Adding speakers to a music system improves the richness and depth of sound.

It will eventually increase the loudness of the sound. You can also buy a bass for the speakers if you want more depth and a richer experience. It all depends on your budget and interests.

Third-party apps

Mostly, built-in apps allow you to boost the volume to certain limits because they are designed to provide optimal experience. On the other hand, third-party apps are designed to provide maximum efficiency.

You can download and install these third-party apps on your phone and increase the volume or loudness of your phone.

These third-party apps also come for bigger stereo speakers. You can find a compatible app and install it to increase the internal volume of the speaker to the maximum.

Install foam baffles behind speakers

Fitted foam speaker baffles are specialized products designed to enhance the performance and longevity of audio systems. These baffles are made from a foam material that fits around the back of both full-range and component speakers. The primary function is to improve sound quality in several ways.

They protect the delicate driver components from dirt and grime. So, they increase the life of your speakers. They also create a tight seal around the speaker that helps to reduce the resonance between the panel and the frame for improved sound quality.

The presence of this material in the speaker cavity helps dampen road noise by muffling external vibrations. This enhanced isolation not only preserves the integrity of the audio output but also contributes to a clearer and more enjoyable listening experience.

Brush and clean your speakers

Cleaning speakers will remove extra dirt from speakers. It has been seen that many people often complain about the low volume of their mobile phones or speakers. It is often because of the dirt and debris stuck at the grille of the speakers.

You can use a simple cleaning brush to clean this dirt. It will open the vents and sound waves will have a passage to come out of the sound box. This way, you will experience a much louder sound and it will also increase the quality of the sound.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some amazing ways to increase the loudness of your iPhone, Android, or external Bluetooth speakers.

We hope you can now escape the background sounds and get a high-volume output from your device. It will allow you to relax and enjoy your music and games as desired.

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