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7 Ways to Make the Volume Louder on iPhone

Are you an iPhone owner struggling with sound issues? If yes, this guide is for you!

We all like our phones to be a little louder, don’t we?  Yes, it is true that most people think that their phones are not as loud as they expect them to be! But why is that? Why does it feel like our phones are not utilizing their maximum sound capacity?

The answer is simple, the OS settings are set to suppress the original sound of the phone. Apple design its OS for optimal experience. It means that the software of iPhone deliberately lowers the volume to save battery or to protect your ear and surrounds. It also does so to protect the speaker because if the sound is too loud, it may damage the speakers as well.

Here in this guide, we will learn about how to make the volume louder on an iPhone. So, let’s dive in.

1. Turn Your iPhone upside down

Yes, you heard it right. It is the easiest way to increase the sound of your iPhone. All you need to do is put your phone upside down. The speakers of the phone often touch the ground of the surface they are placed on. It reduces the sound as it is hindered by the surface on which the iPhone is placed.

Turning your phone upside down will bring the speakers on the upper side of the phone. Now the distance between the speaker and your air has reduced significantly as compared to the distance when the phone was in the resting position.

2. Put it in a bowl

When you place your iPhone in a bowl the unique shape of the bowl plays a significant role in enhancing the audio output. The curved base of the bowl acts like a parabolic reflector. It directs sound waves that emerge from the phone’s speakers upwards and outwards.

This effect amplifies the sound by focusing it and improves the sound quality. The larger the bowl and the more reflective its surface, the more pronounced this effect will be.

This simple hack is a practical way to boost the volume and quality of your music without needing extra electronic equipment.

However, the material of the bowl (metal, ceramic, or plastic) and its shape can affect the clarity and amplification. This approach is a fun and inventive way to enhance your music experience using everyday household items.

3. Change the EQ settings on your iPhone

Equalization, or simply EQ is the method of fine-tuning the volume of different frequency bands within an audio signal. The iPhone has a modest equalizer (EQ). The reason for this modesty is that the iPhone iOS is user-centric and wants to provide the ultimate experience by saving up battery.

However, it influences the sound played in different apps. The “Late Night” EQ option increases the sound in apps by bringing softer sounds closer to the louder areas. This will increase the volume on your iPhone when listening to music. Although the louder passages are slightly quieter, the overall impression is dramatic!

  1. Open the settings app and go to music
  • Now you can tap EQ in the Audio section.
  • Search the “Late Night” option from the list and tap it.
  • Now you should play some music and note the difference in the quality of the sound. You can also check the difference by turning EQ on and off.

4. Do Not Reduce Loud Sounds

As we know Apple designed its iOS based on user experience so they tried to safeguard your hearing. There is a feature in Apple that reduces loud sounds. It lets you specify the maximum decibel level for your headphone audio, which is 85 dB by default.

If you disable this option, the sound blasting from your iPhone will not be impeded in any way. However, if you plan to listen to music at a high level through headphones for an extended length of time, proceed with caution. You do not want to ruin your hearing.

This is how you turn off Reduce Loud Sounds.

1. Open the Settings on your iPhone then scroll down and tap Sounds & Haptics.

2. Tap the Headphone Safety option under Headphone Audio.

3. Now turn off Reduce Loud Sounds.

5. Do not Cover the Speaker

It is essential to be mindful of where the speakers are located when you listen to music. On iPhone devices, especially mobiles the speakers are situated at the bottom of the device,

If your hand covers this area, it can muffle the sound significantly. This muffling effect can dampen the high frequencies more than the low, leading to a less clear and flat audio output.

You can adjust your grip so that you do not block the speaker grills. It is the best way to avoid reducing sounds coming out of speakers.

Furthermore, orienting the iPhone in landscape mode often helps to naturally position your hands away from the speakers. It will avoid accidently covering the speaker section and you will get a louder sound.

6. Connect your iPhone to a speaker

If your iPhone still isn’t loud enough you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. It will greatly increase the sound quality and intensity. The sound quality in this case also depends on the type of speaker you use.

Bluetooth speakers are easy to pair with your device and can dramatically enhance the volume and quality of sound. They come in various sizes. You can choose one that suits your needs.

Most Bluetooth speakers also offer additional features like long battery life and the ability to connect multiple speakers for an even richer sound experience.

Setting up is straightforward: just turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone, select the speaker from the list of available devices, and you are ready to enjoy your music with much better sound.  This is an effective way to ensure you never miss a beat!

7. Keep the Volume at Max

People often keep the volume of their phones at lower levels and then complain about the low sound. It is recommended to check the sound levels of your phone using side buttons. You can use these buttons to increase or decrease the sound intensity.

Furthermore, you need to consider that these buttons are used for media volume as well as call volume. You need to be mindful of the fact that you may try to increase the volume of the music but you are unconsciously changing the ring volume.

So, you need to ensure that you only hit the volume key and increase the volume to maximum before started an audio or video.


Now, you have comprehensive guide to help you increase the volume of your iPhone. You can use these methods and techniques to significantly increase the sound volume of your phone. You can change the settings from the settings app. These are other hacks you can also try that will provide you with much louder sound.

Either way, this guide enlists all the possible ways that can help you get a richer experience. You can pick and use the method that suits you the most.

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