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7 Best Volume Boosters for Windows: Increase Volume Right Now

What can be more relaxing than watching an award-winning documentary or much-applauded movie at the end of a mentally tiring day? However, the noise from the surroundings can suddenly switch your anticipated movie from fun to a tiresome task. AND you sincerely wish to have the sound of your PC or laptop a little louder. Isn’t it?

Here, volume boosters come in handy. This software lets you boost your Windows speakers’ volume beyond standard limitations. You will find countless sound boosters on the Play Store. But the real question is, how do you choose the best software for your PC to amplify the sound levels of any video or audio file?

Don’t worry. In this write-up, we will walk you through the 7 best volume boosters for Windows. So, keep reading to pick your favorite one!

Best Sound Boosters for Windows 

Here is a complete list of the top 7 volume boosters for Windows that may help you increase the sound of any audio or video file:

1. FX Sound

Key Features

  • Simple and adaptable user interface 
  • Genre-based presets 
  • Amazing sound equalization features
  • 20-band equalizer 
  • Create custom effects according to your needs

Do you enjoy playing action and adventurous games on your PC? But if the sound of a bullet starts sounding like a bland cracker? At times, you might need to revamp the speakers of your computer. 

FX Sound is one of the best sound boosters for Windows, which allows you to play video games and enjoy your favorite music at louder volumes. This app features impressive genre-based presets to help you explore multiple music genres. 

Besides, FX Sound comes with a 20-band equalizer, multiple sound effects, and an all-new music visualizer. So, explore this sound booster for Windows with a 7-day free trial version. 

2. VLC Media Player

Key Features

  • 10-band sound equalizer
  • Increase volume up to 200%
  • A Spatializer to get an overall boost of sound 
  • Compatible with all types of audio and video formats

Our second favorite sound booster for Windows is the VLC media player. It is a free, open-source platform that can be used to play everything on your computer or laptop. Due to its high compatibility, the app runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The 10-band equalizer of the VLC media player allows you to equalize music according to your choice. Plus, the preset features of the software help you enjoy the parameters of different music genres.

The best thing about the VLC media player is its high compatibility with all types of audio and video formats. Besides being a media player, the app serves as a great sound booster, allowing you to boost volume from 100% to 300%.

3. Boom 3D

Key Features

  • A complete list of customizable presets 
  • Support third-party players and streaming services
  • Built-in equalizer
  • Compatible with headphones/earphones 
  • Visually appealing and straightforward user interface 

Boom is another exciting application you should consider when it comes to increasing the volume of your PCs. The captivating features of the app let you tinker with the audio output on your Windows.

This free volume booster for Windows features a modular graphic interface to grab the users’ attention. Moreover, it has a bass booster along with a complete list of presets that can be customized as per your needs. 

This volume booster comes with a range of impressive features, such as 3D sound and bass boost. Plus, it features a built-in equalizer to help you find the perfect sound levels for your favorite songs. 

4. Chrome Volume Booster

Key Features

  • An impressive extension that does not require any installation 
  • Free from malware or annoying ads
  • Boost volume up to 1000%
  • Intuitive slider interface to amplify the sound 
  • Simple and user-friendly 

The volume booster offered by Google Chrome acts like a champion to defend your right to hassle-free entertainment. If your conventional Windows speakers are unable to reign over the noise, you can use the booster to increase the volume levels to a whopping 1000%.

The intuitive design and convenient process of the Chrome Volume Booster make it one of the best choices for Windows speakers and headphones. 

This application offers more control over the audio sources with a built-in equalizer. Also, it features a boost function to help you increase the bass and the total average loudness. Above all, this volume booster inserts noise-cancellation effects into the audio to improve its performance.

One of the best features of Volume Booster is that it does not irritate you with annoying ads or malware. So, if you’re looking for a simple and ad-free sound booster for Windows, Volume Booster might be the application you’ve been searching for. 

5. Equalizer APO

Key Features

  • Free sound amplifier 
  • Compatible with Voice Meeter and Peace Interface
  • Supports VST plugins 
  • No issues with latency 
  • Offers support to unlimited channels
  • Amazing compatibility 

If you’re looking for a free and definitely the best sound booster for Windows, your search may end up with the Equalizer APO. This easy-to-use and open-source application does not consume much of your CPU’s resources. Also, it is highly compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. 

Due to its low latency, Equalizer APO is best suited for interactive applications. Moreover, it boasts a modular graphic and user-friendly interface. The app’s compatibility with the Peace Interface and Voice Meet makes it ideal for Windows. 

Though the Equalizer APO offers more control over its functionalities, it requires a little extra time to set up. 

6. Audio Retoucher 

Key Features

  • Shows real-time data on the home screen
  • Includes automatic beats per minute calculator 
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy-to-change default settings
  • Supports multiple audio formats 

Audio Retoucher is our next favorite sound booster for Windows. This easy-to-use application allows you to level up the volume to 400%. Moreover, it does not cause any stretch to your patience and boosts the sound frequencies in no time.

Audio Retoucher is a must-have application if you want to amplify the sound for any particular purpose. Besides its ability to amplify volume, this application includes a range of advanced features to add special audio effects and improve overall audio quality.

7. Letasoft Sound Booster 

Key Features 

  • Includes two options to boost sound on desktop computers and laptops
  • Reduces the background noise 
  • Ideal for increasing the loudness of communication programs
  • Lets you increase volume by up to 500%
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Acts as an extra amplifier for Windows 

Letasoft Sound Booster is another impressive software that brings sound-dead audio files to life. It enables you to level up the volume of your favorite games and apps by up to 500%.

Above all, the application has a built-in distortion detection module to monitor the current gain levels. This functionality helps you avoid clipping when playing music at a higher volume. 

The Bottom Line 

So that sums up our today’s list of the best volume boosters for Windows. Remember, plunging the headphones tightly into your ears is not the solution to deal with lower sounds. If you’re a competitive gamer, a movie fan, or a music lover looking for an effective way to amplify the sound of your Windows speakers, installing a volume booster is the right option.

You can download any of the above-mentioned sound boosters to increase the sound of any video or audio file on your laptop or computer. 

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